Yes, I read it.  Specifically, I read the "ideal" example in the original:
Reading these files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.
The equivalent with the new product would say something like "You can use W3C's free editor/browser, Amaya, to create HTML, SVG, and MathML documents".

The current suggestion of "Tell me more about Amaya: W3C's free editor/browser that lets you create HTML, SVG, and MathML documents" is IMO a significant divergence:  from a factually descriptive statement to an imperative verb, for one thing (and despite the original tip saying not to tell people what they should be doing).

By the way, your suggestion of "Tell me about Amaya", with the verb "Tell me" included in the link, is also on their list of bad examples.  It therefore sounds like you partly disagree with the current incarnation of that tip, too.

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On Sun, May 3, 2015 at 5:40 PM, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
2015-05-03 22:50 GMT+02:00 Whatamidoing (WMF)/Sherry Snyder <>:
Also, the tip has diverged significantly from the original, and I think it has diverged for the worse.  

It has not diverged sensibly: did  you read the original post, which also gives very clear reasons that are still valid today (accessibility, content indexing for search engines...).
It is now even better than this old post, not "worse".

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