2014-07-02 5:40 GMT+02:00 Tilman Bayer <tbayer@wikimedia.org>:
On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 8:23 PM, Tilman Bayer <tbayer@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Hi Seb35,
> translations are still welcome and needed in these languages (French,
> Italian, Russian, Dutch). There has been, or maybe still is, a weird
> technical issue with the first banner's translation group, e.g. the
> stats page at [1] was claiming until a few hours age this group has 0
> units (and 0 have been translated in any language, even though it has
> 3 units and translations already existed (e.g. [2]), being shown to
> millions of mobile readers over the last few days. The message you
> encountered looks like a different symptom of the same problem.
> It is looking OK now again though, are you able to enter French
> translations at [3] now?
> The issue is particularly strange because the translation group for
> the second banner did not show the same behavior (i.e. the stats at
> [4] continued to correctly show it as containing 3 messages, and
> recorded the existing translations correctly as well). That's even
> though both banners are completely identical except for the
> text,[5][6] and I didn't see anything in the logs that could have
> caused that difference.

There's a known bug when you mark a page for translation: it does not update the translations statistics with the new marked page, but with the recorded state just before you marked it. Newly marked units are not visible (most probably due to a caching issue: the state o translation units are read and cached before they are updated, and then that cached state is used to generate the statistics.

The Translation tool exhibit this bad behavior since always (this also affects the translations just submitted in a unit: the last updated unit is ignored in statistics, you need to submit that last unit a second time, otherwise you won't reach the 100% completion state).

The workaround is to mark pages a second time (this often requires a pseudo null-edit (adding a space with no visible effect ad marking the page again, I usually play with the space before the slash in <languages />

That bug exists in all Wikimedia wikis, but not in Translate.net because it does not have the same page caching architecture with front proxies. Wikimedia wikis use multiple servers that need to be synchronized: When an API performs an update, cached data must be invalidated before proceeding with another API that will use the modified data (currently that second call will use "preimage" data; and notably all delayed updates currently made by "FuzzyBot").

This also means that Translation statistics are completely wrong. When you want to use translated pages, before exporting make sure you mark all languages again with a pseudo null edit to force statistics to be updated and see if they are really 100% complete or if they still have fuzzy entries.