I am a translator working on Vietnamese language. I was surprised to see the translation in the two links above is done correctly (although I've edited a bit for more understandable). It's not like someone has used Google Translate or other machine translation tools.

The translator is https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Varnent. I am curious whether he also understands this language? Despite his personal page did not show it. I also have the same questions with the Vietnamese translation of Call for candidates. It was done by a staff of WMF (Azariv), and I don't think he could understand a strange language such as Vietnamese. I am active in many Wikimedia projects in Vietnamese, but had never seen him before.

2015-05-02 20:05 GMT+07:00 James Alexander <jalexander@wikimedia.org>:
Hey all,

If you have time I'd really appreciate some quick translations on the banners that will run for the FDC Election tomorrow (2, the committee is testing different language to see which works better). You can find them at the 2 links below. Unfortunately the translation system is a little buggy at the moment and the normal way to publish the translations (using the state dropdown) doesn't work. I spent a good portion of the night trying to find an alternative and for now I have one and will be keeping an eye on the languages coming in and publishing them through the API. I'm going to try and roll it out a bit slowly (starting at 00:00 UTC when the election starts) but eventually we'll need to turn it on for everyone given the short election (1 week) and so the more we can get in advance the better.

Banner translation links:

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