Hi, Timur Vorkul, 
Finished requested outreach message.

By the way, you have a link to which users will go and learn about the details of how to create suggested values/params. Don’t we also translate that page as well, as long as WMDE expects editors to experiment and try out?

I am talking about [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WMDE_Technical_Wishes/Suggested_values_for_template_parameters WMDE Technical Wishes] subpage. 

FYI, and IMHO, Japanese language communities tend to downgrade passion to experiment if the suggested guiding page is not provided in Japanese.



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Hello, dear translators!

Your help with a short outreach message is needed. It is the announcement
of the new suggested values feature to be deployed on all wikis. It will
make filling in templates which expect specific inputs much easier to do in
the VisualEditor.


I plan to send the message to all wikis on Thursday, April 22, so having
translations by Thursday midday Berlin time would be awesome! Sorry for the
short notice.

Thanks a lot!



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