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Sor the ones of you interested by adding a new language, I've updated the page with the process to translate the whole survey: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_Engagement_Insights/Translation#Translations_for_other_languages 

The work for main languages (ar, de, es, fr, it, ja, pl, pt-br, ru, uk, zh) has started. Don't forget to add your names on the page so that you can coordinate your efforts. :)


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 8:39 PM, Benoît Evellin (Trizek) <bevellin@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hello translators


Community Engagement Insights (CE Insights) is a set of Wikimedia Communities and Contributors surveys organized by the Wikimedia Foundation to improve the alignment between the Wikimedia Foundation and the communities it serves. The surveys go out to various Wikimedia community and contributor audiences that can help capture feedback that will directly affect the work of Wikimedia Foundation teams. This project is coordinated by the Learning and Evaluation team.

Everything is listed here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/ wiki/Community_Engagement_ Insights/Translation#Get_ started_with_translation. We have separated pages to ease translations.

There are 620 items to translate. We know that’s a lot but we have done our best to reduce the number of questions and replies since last year, and elements already translated last year have been reused if possible.

We have listed some priority languages that we know would help people to take the survey. The translation work is open, and any other languages are welcome. But please note that will need extra work for you and us, since all elements are not on Meta. If you want to translate in other languages than the ones we are focusing on, please tell us as soon as possible. This doesn’t apply to Polish and Ukrainian. Those two languages can follow the process for the prioritized languages.

If you can help, we deeply appreciate your effort. Please add your name on the list of translators. If you know that you are too few translators for a given language and you will not have time to translate, it is totally okay. :) Please just tell us so we can ask for another support.

If you have questions or doubts about an item, please ask on the list of items talk pages. We will reply as you as soon as possible.

Good luck and thank you in advance!
Benoît Evellin (Community liaison) & Edward Galvez (Evaluation Strategist (Surveys))

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Benoît Evellin (Trizek)
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