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Hi Keegan,

The text to be translated makes mention of a 'property namespace', but I can find no such namespace on Wikimedia Commons. What is this referring to?

Current plans for structured data pull all properties from Wikidata. However, it might be possible or desired in the future to host Commons-specific properties on Commons, in which case the namespace would need to be created. The wording is added in case this possibility becomes reality. It's slightly unknown at this point, so "better safe than sorry".

Also, it seems to me that when I change the interface language on Commons to anything other than English, the names of the namespaces remain in English (e.g. I cannot find files in the file namespace when I preface a search with 'Bestand:' in Dutch or 'Datei:' in German). Should we translate 'file' and 'property' in 'structured data from the file and property namespaces' regardless, or treat these as names to be left untranslated?


Interesting, being an English speaker I never noticed that the namespace prefixes on Commons were configured to English as primary. That's unfortunate.

I'd suggest keeping the namespace prefixes English for now in this case. If there is someone reading this with more knowledge or the situation, or a better idea, please let us know.

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