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2017-08-30 20:38 GMT+02:00 Philippe Verdy <>:
I completed the French to 100%, and partially reviewed the very few items that were present, you may review it now completely if needed, but it looks OK now after rereading myself.

2017-08-30 14:46 GMT+02:00 Benoît Evellin (Trizek) <>:
TL;DR: "New filters for edit review" is a project to add multiple features to RecentChanges pages and Watchlists. The project page has been totally rewritten to reflect the current status of this project, now stable. The deployment by default will happen soon, starting by Catalan, French and Hebrew Wikipedia. Those three languages have priority, but translations in all languages are welcome.

Direct translation link: (64 translation units).

This is the second version of the New filters for edit review page. The first one has been translated when the Beta feature has been released on May 2017. This new version is stable and will not change anymore (some elements may be removed or some dates updated, but that will be minor changes).

I know many of you have already spent time on that page and I want to thank you for this. The success of this new feature was also possible because of the documentation in user language. 

This new version has been created based on user feedback received and questions from the users about the features. We hope this rewriting will help people to apprehend the new features for RecentChanges the best way. Unfortunately, the new page doesn't kept anything from the previous version. It has been a tough decision to take but we have done our best to provide a page easy to translate. 

As always, I'm available if you have any question.

Thank you very much for your continuous effort to provide translations for everyone.

On behalf of the Global Collaboration team,

Benoît Evellin (Trizek)
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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