Hey Takashi,

At the moment we are doing hourly daily tests globally to check our systems, and to allow people to give us feedback on our processes before launching.

Best bet is for people to email me directly preferrably or simply to this list. The response and change may not be immediate but ill make sure any issues are gotten to and corrected before we officially launch :)

Email: jseddon@wikimedia.org


On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 4:19 PM, Takashi OTA <supertakot+translators@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi lists,

It seems that fundraiser messages have started to appear on top of articles.
Unfortunately, I found some typos in such translated messages in Japanese.
I felt so sorry that I could not do my proofreading well enough on
meta before launch.
Anyway, could anybody tell me where to contact to correct them?
Another problem is I could not necessarily see the wrong messages.

So, I would like to know:
1) where to report the typos
2) where to find the texts actually appeared on websites (if possible)

Thanks as always,

--Takashi Ota

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