Hi all.

I have a few requests related to the Wikifunctions logo concept proposals & discussions, which are ongoing (closing 23 February). We are still seeking more ideas and feedback, and we also need to prepare for the voting phase.

1) If you know of a good project-page at your local wiki(s) for contacting editors who might be interested in helping with this, or specific individuals, please let them know! We are particularly hoping for ideas ("brainstorming") and insightful comments about the existing proposals, as well as new designs.

2) For a massmessage about the voting phase, please could you help translate this short message: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Abstract_Wikipedia/Wikifunctions_logo_concept/Vote_message

3) More translations of the Meta-wiki page itself, would of course be greatly appreciated! https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Abstract_Wikipedia/Wikifunctions_logo_concept

Much thanks for any and all help. :-)

Nick "Quiddity" Wilson (he/him)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation