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Can someone who knows how this whole business is operating please write a short explanation of how translators should proceed if they are working in languages which are not national languages and which are in a country which has a Wikimedia chapter with a fundraising agreement. There really should be something about this on the fundraiser 2010 translation hub, otherwise we're all having to find out about this individually.

Just to say, if you're going to try to sort this out for your language, you are going to need a lot of patience.  Can anybody confirm that any non-state language has managed to get a link from a banner to an own-language page operated by a Wikimedia chapter to work in practice? It would be nice to know that it does work in practice rather than just in theory.

Eleri James

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On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 10:46 AM, Paul Selitskas <> wrote:
> It must be someone's bad joke. If there's a wiki in the language and a
> banner in the language. The wiki should link to that banner. No other
> way.

It's actually pretty possible, unfortunately. :-(  As I'm sure you've
heard from other discussion on this list, the chapters have
"fundraising powers" in their jurisdiction, which means that all users
from their country get sent to their landing page.  So, although we
have a pms translation for the general (Foundation) landing page at
[[wmf:WMFJA1/pms]], users are getting sent to [[wmf:WMFJA1/IT]] (the
Wikimedia Italia page) because they're in Italy.

We *can* translate the chapter pages into other languages, so that
they're sent to the WMIT page *in pms*.  However, we have to make sure
that the chapter gives approval to have their landing page translated

On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 11:06 AM, dragonot@libero. <> wrote:
> Hi Philippe, the full url is as follow:

Thanks DragonÚt.  So that means that you're in Italy and are getting
the WMIT page, which is only in Italian right now.

Cotton, would WMIT be okay with having a Piedmontese translation of
Wikimedia Italia's donation page?
<>  If so, I'll work with
DragonÚt to get it translated and published.

Casey Brown

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