I perceive them as orders due to the tone used and the drama you claim.

I've perfectly read your call, but I don't support it simply because it is too early and disproportionated compared to the effective change that occured caused by only one person in the WMF staff during holidays.

I understand this is a problem but I don't support your boycott as a reasonable reply whn there's already now an ongoing discussion and RfC on Meta, that you are trying to shortcut with your **spammed** camm posted in various places.

2014-08-15 22:33 GMT+02:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <twkozlowski@gmail.com>:
please consider reading my messages carefully before responding to
them—this is the second time this week that you are not paying enough
attention to what I write.

I am not ordering anyone to do anything — I only /suggest/ not to
translate fundraising pages.

To call my plea "orders" — even if I repeat what I wrote before — is
dishonest to say the least, and, frankly, insulting.

You are, indeed, capable of making your own decisions. I have no
intention of interfering with your volunteer work, so let's leave it
at that.