An other option would be to allow anyone to upload the translated file, but require a validation to make it merged.

Thus said, this was just to add a larger set of options. Now I would surely warmly welcome any step that diminish any needless privilege to edit. If problems with a free edit/upload for all arise, it's fine to take apropriat measures, but blocking user contributions just because something might be abused is not fine, IMHO.


Le 14/03/2018 à 19:27, Haytham Aly a écrit :

Dear translators,

I have a suggestion which requires feedback from fellow translators.

One of the features that translators can use on Meta is to export pages for off-line translation. This provides an opportunity to use term bases and translation memory to improve the quality of translations. The pages are exported into a .po file which can be translated by a variety of open-source and proprietary software.

The next step is to export the file to Meta. Since access to the page Special:ImportTranslations is only granted to Translation Administrators, and since I am not a Translation Administrator, I have to copy and paste the strings manually, which is a needlessly time-consuming process. There would be three ways to solve this issue. The first is to send the files to a Translation Administrator to be imported. This will mean that credit for translation will be given to the Administrator, and it will add more burdens to Translation Administrators and delay publication of translated pages. The second is to grant Translation Administrator rights to the translators who will need access to such page. This means that additional administration rights will be given to translators who will not be using them. The third is to create a group/category that grants access to translators to Special:ImportTranslations, which I consider the best option.

The purpose of this email to seek input from translators for this issue and try to reach a consensus about what would be the suitable way to address this issue.


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