On 3/11/07, Christophe Henner <christophe.henner@gmail.com> wrote:

As you can read on the very first lign of this section meta. is enough
for translations :)

You are the one talking about a "translation wiki".

What I'm speaking about is wider. Actually we have big communities,
but what about a core Community. Are we enough volounteer? No we're
not. Is it easy for volounteers to get involved? Not at all. What I'm
speaking about is linking the communities.

This part is the long term part of the meeting. It's not something to
do tommorrow but something we have to begin to set up.

This part was "start reflexion", and I will continue to push it
forward with the recruitment of the volounteer coordinator. We need
more internal communication, and meta. is not right for this, it will
be easier to have a main community wiki and then guide them where they
can help.

Could you just explain *once* *why* meta is not "right for this"? Meta is our central coordination wiki. Linking the communities is one of its goals. If meta fails in that, improve it, it is a wiki.

Guillaume Paumier