We want to thank everyone who have translated the text of the Wikipedia.org Portal page - it looks great! 

Here's an image that we used recently during the Discovery team's quarterly review. It displays the portal page with the browser's primary language set to Armenian. [0] [1]

We've just added more text to be translated to translatewiki and we humbly ask for your help again. We would like the legal language (located in the portal page footer) [2] and a new section for the mobile apps [3] to be translated. 

For anyone who'd like to view which text has already been translated and what still needs translating, you can view the alphabetical list of languages [4] by percentage untranslated here [5].

Thanks to everyone that has helped in the past and in the future!


Discovery Portal Team

deb tankersley
irc: debt
Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation