TL;DR: The growth team is going to deploy features that help newcomers to make their first steps on more wikis. We are looking for translators to work on interface translation: 

Detailed explanations

Deployment to a group of wikis
The deployment of the Growth team features will happen soon on the following Wikipedia: pt/pt-br, pl, sv, da, it, id, zh (all variants used on zh.wp) and he. 

To achieve this, we need translations to be done. Some other steps and translations are required, they are listed on Mediawiki, and maybe attached to this Phabricator task.

Guidance project
Some parts of the translation, about the Guidance project (included in this group) may be a bit complicated. We have created a guide to help you with this translation:

Some translations are about fixing text issues. It means that we need to keep the issues on the translations you make, as examples. This is the case for the two following items: 
More wikis?
Of course, if you think your wiki should get these features and you want to help, please contact me off the list. Also feel free to translate if your language is not listed there: we will deploy on more wikis after this first group is done. 

Thank you,


Benoît Evellin - Trizek (he/him)

Community Relations Specialist

Wikimedia Foundation