How are they named in Canada (notably in Toronto, Ontario) or Louisiana, where both languages are officially used ?

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2017-01-26 9:38 GMT-08:00 Lena Traer <>:
> Would you say that the Board of Trustees at WMF has the same role as the
> traditional Board of Directors? If that is the case, "Conseil
> d'administration" likely is most appropriate translation.
> In Russian, the "board" is also translated as "council". However, "Board of
> Directors" and "Board of Trustees" translate slightly differently. I think
> non-profit organizations are likely to use "Board of Trustees" whereas
> for-profit corporations use "Board of Directors".

I'm not very familiar with the legal intricacies of the different
kinds of Boards. To be completely accurate, the best term would
probably be the English one ("Board of Trustees"), simply because it
has an official definition in a specific geography and doesn't have an
exact equivalent in other locales. But for the reasons given by
Matthieu, it's generally better to try and find the closest

In France, both non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations
can have a "Conseil d'administration". It's also the French phrase
we've been using on the Foundation's website since 2004 (although the
page hasn't been kept up-to-date with changes in Board members

Hope this helps :)

Guillaume Paumier

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