Thank you very much to everyone who contributed so far:
when I sent my first email, only 10 languages had complete translations for this group of interface messages, and just one day later we have 28!  
Give yourself a pat on the back for this tremendous accomplishment.

(As detailed on the Phabricator task [0], I have also published a heads-up about the change at some wikis, also courtesy of tireless "weekend translators" including WMF staff.

You are welcome to do the same at your wiki (small ones, sister projects, etc.) if you feel like the note on TechNews may not be enough: you can translate my message locally, or on Meta [1]. 

If you find it worthwhile, please consider delivering the announcement in a language which is not English. You can find a list of wikis where it may make sense to use a "fallback language" instead at [2].)  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
With much respect and appreciation,
Elitre (WMF)


[1] ;
after doing so so you can point to it, or get the source text to copy/paste at . If you choose this method, remember to replace "en" with your language code in the URL, and remember to provide attribution to other translators if any! 

[2] See "Fallback" column in the table at . 
(For example, Sardinian is a language spoken in Italy: since there is no translation for the announcement in Sardinian but there is one in Italian, it may be OK to publish a text in Italian rather than in English there, if no translation to Sardinian can be obtained.)
If you'd rather use English anyway, then I put the source text at .

2016-05-14 9:32 GMT+02:00 Erica Litrenta <>:
Hello everyone.
I'm here to kindly request a time-sensitive translation [1] of a few interface messages.
Those are included in this small group:

I'll list them here anyway for your convenience, particularly in case you want to create them "manually", by replacing "en" with your language code:

In many cases you'll find out that they already exist and you only need to create the first one (yay). 
Thank you so much for your constant, precious support.
Elitre (WMF)

[1] These messages are related to (which, as announced on, will land on wikis next week). You'll find more details on the task itself.