The English version is usually used as a reference. It would be greatly appreciated if the first version uploaded is the final version.

Any changes in the English version will affect the rest of the translation in other languages. Not all translators do visit the site often to check for updates.

Lim Kong-Soon
User: Diagramma Della Verita  
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From: Robert Rohde <>
Sent: Sunday, 12 April 2009 2:31:39
Subject: [Translators-l] Licensing update about to launch

The licensing update [1] is expected to launch at 12:00 UTC April 12th
(about 17 hours from now).

If anyone wants to add some last minute translations [2], they will
certainly be appreciated.

Also, because we delayed from April 9th, the end date for the vote
moved from April 30th to May 3rd, so the text of the CentralNotices
needs to be tweaked accordingly [3].

Thank you for your help.

-Robert Rohde


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