On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 9:35 PM Sylvain Chiron <chironsylvain@orange.fr> wrote:
I’ve got a question concerning that message in the Problems category:
‘Wikidata will be in read-only mode on 30 July from 05:00 to 05:30 UTC
because of a server switch.’
First, I wanted to reuse a previous translation of
that kind of message, to try to minimize the effort needed to deal with
these recurrent facts, especially for readers (who are like my
customers). But there was no suggestion,

Thanks for the bug report. I do not know why a translation suggestion did not appear. I copied the exact wikitext from the previous mention of this item 3 weeks ago, in order to try to help the translators. Possibly part of an existing bug? Please add any details that you can, into phabricator.
So now, in #31, that message from #28 has come back to the ‘Problems’
category. All this is weird, you know! Seeing these ‘problems’ becoming
once ‘future changes’

It was first announced 3 weeks ago, and hence belonged in the  "Future changes" section at the time.
This week it is actually occurring.
I didn't want it to be overlooked/missed by readers, so I placed it in the "Problems" section.

The rest of your comments are unrelated to translation, and I cannot help. You might try asking at the task itself?