Thanks for alerting us a bit sooner. Well may be you created it on Saturday, but this was late and I actually got this mail on Sunday during the night, so I translated it on Sunday morning. Now we have at least 24 hours to translate them, this is still quite short, if there are not a lot of translators.

To help accelerate translations, it would be desirable to have a few fore templates for items that are present repeatedly every week (or most of them), in order to reduce the number of items to reduce or facilitate the edition.

E.g. translatable templates for
We should then only need to translate the effective news items in these two lists of news, faster, with reduced work. (However it may complicate the delivery of the news to other wikis or to subscrived emails.)

Is there a way to transclude directly some contents from Meta-Wiki to all other wikis, in order to avoid maintaining multiple templates, or to allow local wikis to simply navigate and present these news with a local template, which may allow selecting locally between several languages, notably on multilingual wikis (like Commons), or wikis in languages that require several presentations (like Chinese) or several transliterations (like Serbian) ?

May be a Lua module could help here, if Lua modules can read contents from other wikis: it was said that Lua shoul also allow editing wiki contents, at least on the local wiki, possibly on others but but I've never tried it and don"t know if this is possible according to different wiki policies, even if all users should now have their account unified with SUL, allowing more integration and cooperation across wikis.

[Like when importing an image to Commons directly when editing an article in Wikipedia to embed this image, including from Mobile Wikipedia. Once the image is posted, its description page may be completed later on Commons, and its categorization added, but as the image is immediately used and seen in a Wikipedia article (normally with a text description below it, also posted on Commons in the source language of this wiki), thecategorisation of the image in Commons may be helped now with tools using information collected from this referencing Wikipedia article and from the description; this is a useful enhanced integration scheme between Commons and Wikipedia that facilitates the edit work for everyone].

Note that news posted on Wikimedia wiki should better be done by posting them in a template of these wikis, and the posts to talk pages should be limited to a simple ==Heading== and {{template transclusion}}.

Thanks however for adding a link in "Translations are available" added to the generic header, to show these translations that may be added after the notification was posted, to promote its translation if it's missing or incomplete), or for reading updated translations (fixing errors in unreviewed fast translations after the delivery of notifications).

2013/6/15 Guillaume Paumier <>

The latest tech newsletter is ready for translation:

We will send it tomorrow, in order to give a little time for
translation while still providing users with information that isn't
outdated. The translations that are complete or mostly complete will
be posted on the wikis in that language.

As previously discussed on this list, we adapted our schedule to send
this call for translations on Saturday instead of Sunday, on the
assumption that it may be easier for translators to volunteer their
time on the week-end. Please let us know if that helps. We'll adapt
further if necessary.

Note: These two templates appear on the page and need to be translated
separately (if translations aren't already done):

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I
appreciate your help and feedback.

Guillaume Paumier

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