These are templates that are used in wikis in some languages to show that there issues with the page, such as:

... and others.

This question makes me think, however: Why are they called "page issues"? Where did the particular term "page issues" come from? Was it coined by the developers of MobileFrontend, or by editors on some wikis?

On the English Wikipedia they are called "message boxes" or "article messages". In French they are called "bandeau d'article" (that's "article bands"; bands means "stripes"). In Hebrew they are called "Templates that ask changes in the article" (תבניות הדורשות שינויים בערך).

And this points to me an even deeper problem: How can this be discussed well across the different language communities if the naming and the implementation of this is so different in each language? Note that I'm not saying that this cannot be discussed, but that discussing this must be done carefully and without assuming that the way in which something is done in one language is identical to how it's done in other language.

I'm also not saying that it's *good* that it's done differently in different languages. Quite possibly, these warning templates could be converted into an actual extension that stores metadata of this kind about the article—unreferenced, notability, style, perhaps also "stub". Customizations for each language should probably be possible, but a basic set of "page issues" could be made that covers most languages' and sites' common needs. When we have this as an extension, MobileFronted will be able to read this information meaningfully, understand its intent, and present it accordingly.

This is the discussion that we really should be having, instead of hacking MobileFrontend around the current local templates in each wiki.

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2018-06-06 16:36 GMT+03:00 Paul Sarrassat <>:


I’m not sure I haven’t well understood what you call “page issue”. Can you give me an example, please? Does it refer to dispute template presence?


Le 05/06/2018 à 19:57, Chris Koerner a écrit :
Hey all,
We are looking at updating how page issues appear on the mobile web
version of wikis. We'd like to get as much feedback from the different
communites as possible. I have a message explaining the work I'd like
to send out. If you are interested in helping translate, it would be
much appreciated. As always, and sincerely, thank you.

Chris Koerner
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