Please translate this week.  This will probably be sent out on Thursday of this week (before Tech News is ready).  

It's shorter than usual, and about 20% of the translation units should be available in translation memory.  It contains information about editing software on desktop and mobile, the new Content Translation work, and the upcoming Community Wishlist. 

This will go to hundreds of pages on about a hundred wikis.  As always, every language is welcome.  Additionally, if you are from any of these Wikipedias, I particularly hope that you will translate at least the item that is highlighted in yellow markup:

bn Bengali Wikipedia
hi Hindi Wikipedia
ar Arabic Wikipedia
fa Persian Wikipedia
id Indonesian Wikipedia
mr Marathi Wikipedia
ms Malay Wikipedia
ml Malayalam Wikipedia
th Thai Wikipedia
az Azerbaijani Wikipedia
sq Albanian Wikipedia
he Hebrew Wikipedia

(These are the wikis that might be affected by that project first.)

Sherry Snyder (WhatamIdoing)
Community Liaison, Wikimedia Foundation