TL;DR: Please help complete and update the localization of the ContentTranslation extension to help us fix bugs in it:

In detail:

The ContentTranslation extension is now enabled in all languages, and it's being actively used, with over 1000 articles created every week.

One frequently-reported group of issues is errors with publishing pages. Updating the translation of the messages will help us developers to fix them. We are now using a message to document the error that actually happened while publishing, and this is essential information for addressing the bug.

It's not a very big extension and most of it is fairly easy to translate. Doing all of it should take anybody with some experience in translatewiki no more than an hour:

If you are terribly busy and only have time to do a few translations, can you please update the messages that need updating - some of them are the ones that will help us debugging the errors.

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