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2011/4/30 Jeromy-Yu Maximilian Chan <>
Okay, noted and will be around

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Hello again, folks.

I would like to ask again that you take a look at the translation page for the 2011 board elections, here:

Many languages have been translated (thanks to the people who have helped with that!), but there are still some pages that were translated in the 2009 elections that aren't done this year. As I said previously, we have tried to keep the pages as similar as possible to the 2009 ones, so it should not be too big an effort to translate if your language was translated in 2009.

Additionaly, candidate submissions are set to be started in three days (May 2), and that is usually the biggest bulk of the translation work. As the candidates come in I will post here once the candidates are verified to be eligible, so that you will get notifications on when they can be translated. One should not start translating before they are verified, because in my experience quite a few people submit their candidacies without actually being eligible.

Thask you very much for your continued efforts, we really appreciate it.

On behalf of the election committee,
Jon Harald Søby
Translators-l mailing list

Translators-l mailing list

After a couple of hectic days of candidacies the following four candidates are verified as eligible, and their statements may be translated without risk of being removed (unless they decide to remove their candidacy themselves, of course):

* Esteban Zárate (Ezarate)
* Harel Cain (Harel)
* Marc-André Pelletier (Coren)
* Milos Rancic (Millosh)

There were several other candidacies, but as none of the users were eligible their candidacies were removed. (And that's why candidates should be verified before their candidacies are translated.)


We now have some more candidates that are confirmed as eligible:
* Max Ellithorpe (Mrmewe)
* Patricio Lorente (Patricio.lorente)
* Ting Chen (Wing)
* Tom Morton (ErrantX)

We have also added templates to each candidate stating whether or not they have been confirmed as eligible yet, so that people who don't follow this list won't translate statements of candidates who may be removed.

Jon Harald Søby

Since my last email there have been several new eligible candidates:
* Ferdinando Scala
* James Forrester (Jdforrester)
* Lodewijk Gelauff (Effeietsanders)
* Samuel Klein (Sj)
* Urs Wäfler (Urs.Waefler)

Jon Harald Søby