Note that making the target vote subpages (per proposal) translatable would require refreshing the list of voters in every translated page (otherwise people visting a translated version may think that their vote was not registered, or that their attempt to cancel their older vote would not work if translations were refreshed).
As well, the shuffling method notamlly does not change the page order across visits. However is people want to vote for several proposals, the target pages containing their new vote will be changed, causing the main vote page to be possibly refreshed, and changing the order: that's why I think it is still best to transclude on the main page the template-only version of logo descriptions and logo layout, but not at all any vote (that template can be translatable). The shuffling should not occur too often, it should be time-based (never more often than every hour), or people should have beend simply permtited to just vote for all proposals they wish in a single operation. But 
I've not seen any tool developed to help this, so actually when pressing the "+add vote" button, for just one proposal they'l make an edit on a separate page, and will make multiple edits for voting for multiple images.
We'll have to monitor frequently during two weeks who tries to edit their votes (to delete *only* their own vote or a duplicate) and to look for duplicates (that will be unavoidable) and remove them automatically.

Note to Quiddity (WMF), I've updated your tracking page [[User:Quiddity (WMF)/AW subpages]] so that you or any one can track the edits
( )

You may want to add your own separate tracking page containing only the list of target subpages of votes for unlegitimate edits (blankings, spams, impersonation), cleanup of unavoidable duplicates (this can happen just because people can't remember or locate for which proposal they already voted, notably if the order changes when they revisit later), and removal of votes by IP users (because we cannot check that they are eligible).

It should be clearer from the rule of eligibility that IP users won't be able to vote (or that any attempt, possibly accidental, will be removed), with a "please logon with your eligible account to vote"

Le sam. 27 févr. 2021 à 16:37, Philippe Verdy <> a écrit :
Also the vote page was already set to use a section below each subpage containing the description. If we intend to have some or all descriptions translated, these should be inside a translatable template, and not the target subpage for a proposal for its votes.

I assume that when pressing the button, it will just post a list item (a single line starting by "*", containing the date time and the linked user name of the voter, excluding comments that are still in the talk page of proposals).
That will jut need to be posted at end of the page (the top containing the logo, the description and the "+" button to add the visitor's vote).

If you want the description translated, I think that the top of these votes page should be moved in a template, transcluded at top of the target vote page, or in the top-level vote page (showing all proposals in shuffled order but not votes).

Le sam. 27 févr. 2021 à 16:22, Philippe Verdy <> a écrit :
You should have noted my improvement on the layout of the vote page.
However the "+vote" button still does nothing. Is there a way to test it before actual votes (even if pages are reset on Monday March 1, at least on late afternoon at Atlantic time in America, i.e. March 2 in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the soonest being in Eastern Pacific like Hawaii, American Samoa and French Polynesia, i.e. areas nearest to the east of the  International_Date_Line; some areas will not even see it on March 2 but on the first hours of March 3: New Zealand's Chatham Island and Tokelau, Tonga, state of Samoa, Kiribati islands, i.e. living at UTC+12 or higher to the west of the IDL, if the switch really occurs just at 23:59 on March 1; most people in the world will see the vote starting actually on March 2)

Le sam. 27 févr. 2021 à 02:16, Nick Wilson (Quiddity) <> a écrit :
One small additional request:  The Intro section (only) for this page:

I have tried to re-use exact sentences from other pages, to make things easier for you.
The vote will start next week.

Thanks again, and I hope you have a good weekend.
Quiddity / Nick

On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 3:39 PM Nick Wilson (Quiddity) <> wrote:
Hi all.

I have a few requests related to the Wikifunctions logo concept proposals & discussions, which are ongoing (closing 23 February). We are still seeking more ideas and feedback, and we also need to prepare for the voting phase.

1) If you know of a good project-page at your local wiki(s) for contacting editors who might be interested in helping with this, or specific individuals, please let them know! We are particularly hoping for ideas ("brainstorming") and insightful comments about the existing proposals, as well as new designs.

2) For a massmessage about the voting phase, please could you help translate this short message:

3) More translations of the Meta-wiki page itself, would of course be greatly appreciated!

Much thanks for any and all help. :-)

Nick "Quiddity" Wilson (he/him)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation

Nick "Quiddity" Wilson (he/him)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
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