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Hey all.

If you haven't come across me before, I'm Harry (better known in many quarters by my pseudonym Jarry1250) and I was recently awarded a place on this year's Google Summer of Code to work on a project called TranslateSvg. Hello :)

In a nutshell, TranslateSvg is all about providing an interface that allows Wikimedia Commons users to translate SVG images on the spot and without fuss.

As part of that remit, I'm now seeking out those among the community who have direct experience of translation of one sort or another and who might like to help influence the design of TranslateSvg (both in terms of interface design and workflow requirements).

Particularly super-useful would be to someone willing to try out interface designs in the RTL variants, or using non-Latin scripts.

Thanks and much respect for all the hard translation/i18n work that goes on to make MediaWiki a world class piece of software.


Harry Burt (User:Jarry1250)
GSoC 2012 participant