Ok, I my joke was a bad try

Vira Motorko

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2014-05-31 14:33 GMT+03:00 Philippe Verdy <verdy_p@wanadoo.fr>:

2014-05-31 11:03 GMT+02:00 Vira Motorko <vira.motorko@gmail.com>:

I wonder if i'ts worth to keep it in Tech/News only for about several hundreds admins (all wikis) or just a few ones (most wikis), 

I wonder if it's worth to keep there VE news, because most of editors who read Tech news in ukwiki afaik use wikitext editing =)
This doesn't seem to be crucial.

Users of ukwiki still live in a small world. In raliity they also use other wikis that already have the VisualEditor, and use these wikis with the Ukrainian interface (for example when editing in a Russian or English wiki that already has the VisualEditor... or multilingual wikis like Commons and Meta).

Ukrainian wikis will also have the VisualEditor by default (once the most problematic cases will have been addressed), even if there are many users that wil lstill want to continue wit the WikiCode editor.

Tech News are not made to focus a single wiki, they contain updates that help users monitor changes in multiple wikis (even if they are not all deployed at the sam time, they want to be informed when this will happen sooner or later and comment about it early before they are deployed in their native language wiki).

Tech News are also read directly in Meta and Commons by Ukrainians where there are subcribed community pages that receive these updates. The VisualEditor is being made to be usable in all UI languages and many wiki users are navigating across wikis even if they keep their own native language for the UI.