Note that I fixed the [[Template:Translatable template]] (alias TNT) on Meta-Wiki so that it can work with named parameters:

The [[Template:deadline]] now effectively shows its translation on translated tech news subpages when it is used with its named parameter specifying the target link.

The new version of TNT allows now arbitrary number of (positional, numbered or named) parameters ; this will facilitate the conversion or easy creation of many untranslated templates to translated versions without changing the parameters, or forcing them to use only 3 positional parameters (by using other specialized helper templates): to transclude the translated version of any template, you don't need to tweak these parameters, you just need to prefix the transclusion:

Note that with this syntax, explicitly numbered parameters in the transclusion wikitext **still need** to be renumbered. I'll fix it next so that you can avoid it when using the syntax:
For now it does not work, numbered parameters are always shifted down by one position by the module when transcluding the target translated template, like before, except that the existing TNT template did not use this named parameter "template=name", which was however passed to the target during the Lua module invokation)

I'm currently working on making it support the common language fallbacks, as in [[Template:GetFallback]] and [[Template:GetFallback2]], and also converting these two templates (similar on English Wikipedia) to use a generic Lua module for language fallbacks, using BCP47 resolution rules (plus fixes for some current (or remaining) violations of BCP47 by Wikimedia sites, such as those listed and documented in [[Template:BCP47]], needed for strict HTML conformance in the lang="code" attributes. This will be a new module, later integrable in the Language module, after it is fully tested.

The [[Template:BCP47]] is used for example in [[Template:Language link2]] where there was:
  <span lang="{{lc:{{{1|}}}}}">...
which is now
  <span lang="{{BCP47|{{{1|}}}}}">...

Here also this BCP47 template should be part of the Lua module supporting Wikimedia language codes (not MediaWiki language codes which should only supports conforming BCP47 code), to help the transition to standards, or to support graceful evolutions like "be-x-old" to "be-tarask", or to handle legacy violations actively supported by Wikimedia (like "simple" instead of "en" or "en-x-simple")

Let me know if you have ideas for better integration.


2013/11/9 Guillaume Paumier <>

On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 2:39 PM, Guillaume Paumier
<> wrote:
> The latest tech newsletter is ready for early translation:

I've added a few items, and the newsletter is now ready for final translation.