It is an atomatic process, but it's not instant. Usually it takes a day or two (a huge improvement from before, when you had to wait for a new MediaWiki release for translations to appear...).

2011/5/30 Olli <>
I think someone first needs to commit changes to version control, it´s not automatical process...


2011/5/30 Redaktor/פוילישער <>
I have now tried several languages in Commons.

For neither Hebrew nor Yiddish does the Upload Wizard appear

Amir E. Aharoni wrote:

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Subject: Re: [Translators-l] Upload wizard
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It's Yiddish, but in any case, i think that this wizard only work in Commons.

2011/5/29 Paul Selitskas <>:
I think you should choose the appropriate language in Your preferences
(Hebrew as I get it).

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