For Italian I use "board" and "membro del board/componente del board [board member]".


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It is indeed referring to the Board of Trustees. Another common translation that I've seen for "Board" in French is "Conseil d'administration".
Well, that's sound less whimsical to my mind. Now as it seems Trustee is a word with a precise legal definition in common law, and I don't know if there is any really good transposable term in a civil law terminology. In French, it seems that depending on context you might also use "curateur", "fidéicommisaire".

So from a legal point of view, I must admit I don't know what would be the most appropriate, but from what I'm accustomed to hear, "Conseil d’adminstration" seems the less odd.

Le 25 janv. 2017 06:08, "mathieu stumpf guntz" <> a écrit :

I'm working on this:

where "Board" is a recurring term.

I guess that it is referring to the board of trustees. Am I wrong?

If not, in the previous link, translations are rather parse in their meaning (as far as I can say):

  • Kuratorium
  • Consejo directivo
  • Zuzendaritza Batzordea
  • Comité des sages
  • Rada Powiernicza
  • Conselho Diretivo

I translated "trustees" it in Esperanto to "kuratoro" (you find the same roots in the German translation), and "board of trustees" as "kuratoraro" (group of "kuratoro"), but "board" alone as "estraro" (group of leader/boss/chief).

Any comment is welcome.

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