Thanks a lot to everyone who made this possible: translations for

were started for 24 languages, and completed for so many of them, despite the longer issue this time.

My apologies for not including an exciting piece of information, that you may notice on Tech News anyway: "You can now use ISBNs to automatically generate citations in the visual editor! This works on wikis that have enabled Citoid!" [1] [2] 
(Ok, exclamation marks are mine, but I really think they fit.) You can also read more about it on the Wikimedia Blog. [3] It is amazing that I don't even need to mention translations for the related label, because so many look already done: again, amazing. [4] 

Did we skip a page when delivering? Please add it to or to get the next issue there. 

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Elitre (WMF) Collaboration

On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 7:22 PM, Erica Litrenta <> wrote:
Hello everyone,
long time no see :)
I hope you'll be happy to hear that the first issue of the year of the visual editor's (and other editing systems) newsletter is now open to translations!

Current issue:

Direct translation link:

(It allegedly features, among other things, rumours about a certain syntax highlighting tool coming at some point...)

This will be delivered to the people who already signed up in the past
months (please subscribe! [1]) in addition to a list of relevant pages on most WMF wikis [2]). I plan to send it on Friday (when it's EOD in Central Europe).