The fr: version is done. Since you say you'll post the en: message on Thursday evening on the Pacific Coast, I think I'll post the fr: one on fr:wp's Village Pump on its subpage for Friday (I'm a few hours closer to you and will post it just before going to sleep - and on the frwiki mailing list as well).

On 3/19/08, Erik Moeller <> wrote:
All -

the below announcement needs to be translated into as many languages
as possible. I would suggest, as a process, that

* I will send it to a bunch of mailing lists on Thursday evening PST,
e.g. wikipedia-l, wikien-l, foundation-l.
* People on this list speaking various languages will have prepared
translations ready by then, and can send them directly to the relevant
lists in their language.

Does that make sense?

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