Hello translators,

The Wikimedia Foundation Community Resources team[1] is requesting your support in translating content on the Grants Strategy Relaunch[2] on Meta-wiki. These pages are related to a consultation we are doing to improve the way we structure our grant programs and support communities through funding and other kinds of support. We support volunteers across the movement through funding, so any translation support you can provide will have substantial benefit for communities' accessibility to these materials and their ability to participate.

If you are able to support translations, we are requesting you to prioritize the following pages, in this order:
While there are other pages included in this consultation, these are less of a priority compared to the above pages, which will help orient and convey the substance of the consultation as well as how to provide feedback.

A few important notes: 
Thank you for your translation efforts, as your work supports important communication to support the needs of editors and organizers in Wikimedia communities. Please feel free to reach out to myself or communityresources@wikimedia.org if you have any questions related to this request.