Do you know you can wikify your URLs insted of using query parameters ?


(you can also add a "m:" interwiki link if needed from other wikis)

i.e. the same target as [//] :
* <> or
* <>

Most pages in the "Special:" namespace have a rule for handling their main parameter as a wikilink.

In many wiki pages I suppress these hardcoded URLs as they don't behave correctly in some proxies and they don(t work with offline readers working in their own local domain, or because they use another protocol than HTTPS or instead require HTTPS and not HTTP.

2014-07-05 21:35 GMT+02:00 Tomasz W. Kozłowski <>:
Hello again,
this is just to let you know that I just froze this week's issue of
Tech News and published its final version at

One existing message has been edited since my last e-mail to this
list; I changed
to say that CirrusSearch will be enabled as the primary search method
on those 11 wikis (see
for the diff), so if the message in your language appears on red
background, please take a minute to update it.

>From now on, there will be no more changes coming to this issue of Tech News.

As always, the newsletter will be distributed to subscribers on Monday
morning according to the publication schedule visible on top of the
page on Meta.

Thank you all for your involvement and your time, and enjoy the rest
of your weekend!


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