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On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 12:00 AM, Purodha Blissenbach <purodha@blissenbach.org> wrote:
On 23.09.2015 16:57, Samantha Becker wrote:
a) the editor must have previously translated at least one Wikipedia
article to or from English and one of the following languages:
Catalan, Farsi, French, Italian, Spanish, or Swahili. 

Discriminating against the other languages?

The tool being tested is a pre-release 'alpha' stage and is only enabled for these languages so far. Once it is refined, tested, and built, it will be available in all languages for which there is a Wikipedia.

b) the editor must be available to speak with a WMF researcher over
Google Hangout;

Please be aware that using Google and thus letting them and the
secret services eavesdrop on our conversations may be not acceptable
for some users.


Yes, I fully agree that there are various issues with Google Hangouts, and I totally understand that this will be problematic for some users. My personal issue with the tool is that it is not open source, rather than the possible privacy/infosec issues you raise. But this kind of research requires voice connection and shared schrees, and this is the tool that is available to me for this function. 

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