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Just spotted this (http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/toolserver-l/2013-August/006260.html ):


> > I'm more than happy to recommend a number of cloud services and am
> > more than willing to give advice on how to configure and run tools
> > and bots from those services. It's even possible to reuse the work
> > we're doing in the tools project, or in the Wikimedia infrastructure
> > via our puppet repository since our infrastructure is Open Source.
> Very nice idea – how I get the mysql-replication-stream? I got several
> offers of donation if the Toolserver would continue; the only problem is
> the replication-data. But because the data is open-source, it shouldn’t
> be a problem than, should it?

Assuming you found a non-profit, host your infrastructure somewhere that
doesn't cause legal issues and every person that has access to the data
stream signs an NDA it's likely doable.


Can WMF please confirm that this is the case and it wasn't a boutade? If yes, could you indicate a single point of contact interested parties can negotiate such an arrangement with?
(See also the first unanswered question by Sj at <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Future_of_Toolserver#September_2012>.)

Generically, legal@wikimedia.org would be the point of contact for anything like that. 

I think there is some historical context here I'm missing, so I'm looking into it, but can't promise an answer particularly quickly.


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