How did this user get toolserv access? And, more importantly, has it been revoked?

On 5/27/07, Lorenzo Paulatto < > wrote:
Dear toolserver user,
I have sadly to report an abuse of the toolserver facilities by one of
its users, almost certainly Purodha.

Yesterday (saturday, march 26th) user Purodha on started to do
massive interwiki addition without the bot flag, flooding the recent
changes log. As it was not the first time that the user was doing bot
operations it was promptly blocked by an administrator.

Unluckily the administrator forgot to uncheck the option to block the
bare IP together with the user, so he blocked the entire toolserver from
editing on

I have to add that the user page of the bot does not state that it is a
bot, nor the user name suggest this fact (actually the username is not
used as a bot on other wikipedias).

Now several measures have been taken on to prevent this kind of
problems in the future, whitelisting the toolserver IP, still I have to
report the scorrect behaviour of Purodha.

I hope to read her/his version of the facts as soon as possible.

Best regards, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo `paulatz' Paulatto

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