I have request them to Ariel, from the copy that WMF hosts. I hope they exist, if not, I will use yours. Thanks.

2010/11/8 Frédéric Schütz <schutz@mathgen.ch>
On 08.11.2010 11:52, Frederic Schutz wrote:

>>       >  Can anyone give me a copy of the projectcounts-200911* of
>>       >  November 2009? Their combined size must be<  15MB. Thanks.
>>      Unfortunately, I don't have them, and all other people I have talked to
>>      don't have them either...
>> WHAT!? I hope someone has them. Please, I need them to close the
>> November 2009 archive in IA.
> Can't we generate them from the pagecounts files, by summing the data
> from all pages in each project ? It'd be pretty straightforward; I'm
> happy to do it if you need it.

About 40 lines of Perl and a few "diff"s later, it looks like the
projectcounts files can indeed be regenerated easily from the pagecounts
files -- so you don't have to worry about them being lost.

The files for November 2009 are currently being created in
/mnt/user-store/stats -- but this means reading all the pagecounts
files, and it is going to be veeeery sloooow.


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