On 25 September 2012 14:01, DaB. <WP@daniel.baur4.info> wrote:
You are right in 1 thing: WMDE has no plan to abandon the toolserver, it has
already abandon it. In 2012 there was no investment in new server and I very
doubt that there will be any new servers this year. You just finance the
"running", meaning that WMDE pay replacement parts if something breaks and you
pay the loan of Nosy. But that is not enough: The load is growing. The
toolserver has more users like in 2011, more tools like in 2011, and more
people use this tools than in 2011; but there is no "more toolserver". That
was bearable in 2012, but it will definitively not possible in 2013 because we
have exceeded our possibilities.
Am I correct in thinking that the WMF gives WMDE a grant for the running of the toolserver, or was this just a one time thing back in 2009 (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:WM_DE/Improve_toolserver_reliability)?
If it's regular, does anyone know the details of it (is it annual, how much is it, is there a breakdown of how it is expected to be spent etc)?
Actually, is there a page with a list of all the financial (and in-kind) support that is provided to the Toolserver, by the WMF, chapters and individuals?