On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Lars Aronsson <lars@aronsson.se> wrote:

I am a programmer. Even though I don't have a toolserver account,
I understand that much of this relies on individual efforts, and I
applaud this. But features like this WikiMiniAtlas (or all the
services that rely on s3 replication) are too impressive and
useful to rely completely on the voluntary efforts of single
individuals. In this case, it doesn't help if I offer my help,
because I don't get any response at all. That is harmful for all
projects. Now I feel I can't trust anything to work.

We need to reorganize this, so that each task can be performed by
more than one individual.  Individual projects must be banned.

I think this is a bit harsh.
Instead, we need to form groups with group access to make updates
and respond to questions.  This might sound harsh, but it's
actually very easy to implement. Just assign a second person to
all of your individual projects, and keep the door open for more
to join. Use the Linux group permissions (chmod g+w) for access,
and use the user ID only for identity.

There is a recognition that group effort can be helpful on some projects, and the toolserver admin team have set up a system where more mature and used projects are placed on a "stable" server. I even think this mechanism allows for more then one user to "own" the project, so what you are asking for already exists.

I'm not a toolserver admin, and I can't speak for the project you mention. I do understand it can be frustrating when you can help but you are prevented from doing so, but keep in mind that many, if not all of the projects on the toolserver are done with volunteer time. Volunteers have different amounts of free time, and different priorities.

If you have time to contribute, it might be more effective to ask if you can be given access, rather then demand things be a certain way. I'm sure we all have the common goal that we want to see the community grow and get better, so let's pursue things in that spirit.