I'm intrigued by the third server, which will keep copies of all media files.  Right now, as I understand it, copies of images and media files on commons and elsewhere are not backed up. In September, 496 files were lost from commons, and the developers were asking around if anyone had backup copies and asking uploaders to re-upload. (http://www.nabble.com/Massive-image-loss-td19328360.html)

Will the new media file backup server address this sort of problem?  Or being a live backup, will it suffer from the same issues/mistakes that affect the main Wikimedia servers?


On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 4:50 AM, Daniel Kinzler <daniel@brightbyte.de> wrote:
Hi all

I'm happy to let you know that new hardware has been ordered by Wikimedia
Deutschland and will arrive probably in about two weeks. We will get two new

* A more powerful web server, to replace hemlock: Sun Fire X4150, 2x Quad-Core
Xeon, 8GB RAM, 2x73GB SAS HDD. The current web server only has two cores.
* Another database server, to be used for S1 (english wikipedia), so S1 and S3
no longer have to share a server: Sun Fire X4250, 2x Quad-Core Xeon, 32GB RAM,
16x146GB SAS RAID.

This should improve performance and give us some head space for growth. Once the
new servers arrive, S3 will be re-imported too, so we will have live data again.

Any ideas for names? To stay with the nightshade theme, how about Jurubeba and
Erubia? Or perhaps we go the "witches' weed" way, with Datura and Mandrake?
Henbane is taken, i think. Amanita sounds nice, too :)

A third server has been ordered, which will also be installed in Amsterdam, but
will not be part of the toolserver cluster. It's a storage server (X4540, 24TB
RAID) that will keep a live backup of all media files.


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