There will probably be religious controversies if Wikimedia sponsors a Windows toolserver, so our best bet is to find a third party who is willing to put up with the costs.

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S> Well, I was just surprised that MS would sell a copy of Windows Server
S> 2003 and MS SQL Server to a non-profit for, I think, less than they
S> would sell Vista and Office . . . to that same non-profit.  Or do
S> their non-server products also give discounts to nonprofits?

i did not quote prices for Vista or Office because it didn't seem
relevant (i don't think we want to provide a server for people to
produce Powerpoint slides on).  you can search the entire list of
available products at, which includes desktop
Windows (at least XP, i didn't check Vista), Office, and a lot of
other software.

S> Sure, quite possibly -- I'm just saying that it seems like a bad idea
S> to spend money belonging to either the Wikimedia Foundation or any of
S> its local chapters on a new OS if you have don't have reason to
S> believe it will actually give any benefit to Wikimedia users.

the entire point of this discussion was to find out whether it will
provide a benefit to users (by producing more tools).  that is why i
asked people to refrain from discussing whether or not we should
considering deploying Windows; there's no point doing that until we
can see an actual need for it.

       - river.
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