On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Dr. Trigon <dr.trigon@surfeu.ch> wrote:
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> If you're asking "is it safe to move tools to Labs", my experience
> so far say "yes". I can't speak for all unique toolserver
> features, though.Cheers,Magnus

> If you don't care about losing your (nfs) file system every once in
> a while and having very slow databases, you can probably start
> moving stuff to toollabs. I'm waiting for these bugs to be fixed.
> It's been more than 3 months now and no clear estimate when it will
> be fixed.

Yes that was also my experience - I started using Labs under the bots
project and it was not that reliable than TS, e.g. no backups of the
file system and stuff like that - hope this has changed with the tools
project now.

You're in for a world of difference. If you haven't switched over, you should try now.
> * Most tools will just run when you copy them to Tool Labs. Just
> in case: Need help adapting a tool? Ask me and I'll do what I can
> to
get > you help, e.g. from my colleague Johannes Kroll.

E.g. what about E-Mail? Do I have the possibility to forward mail
addresses like e.g. drtrigonbot@tools.wmflabs.org into a file?

This isn't available yet, but we hope to have this worked out soon. It's waiting on legal.

- Ryan