I misunderstood the question. Someone wiser can probably set up something that queries each wiki and organize a list. ~~~~

On 4/18/07, Dan Collins < en.wp.st47@gmail.com> wrote:
I think I can do that with a simple script, let me have a look.

On 4/18/07, Guillaume Paumier < guillom.pom@gmail.com > wrote:

SWMT (Small wikis monitoring team) is a global project aiming at fighting vandalism on small Wikimedia projects, including those without sysops. To learn more about us you can take a look at our page on meta < http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/SWMT> or join us on the #wikimedia-swmt channel on Freenode.

People from the SWMT regularly tag nonsense with {{delete}}, so as to bring them to the attention of the local sysops or to stewards or volunteers who will get temporary sysop status to clean up the wiki.

Though, checking each small wiki is drawn-out. I was wondering if one of you toolserver demigods could program a kind of global Whatlinkshere to list all the pages tagged with {{delete}} (including redirections from/to this template) on small wikis to help us. I guess this could work similarly to the Checkusage tool?

We can provide a list of small wikis, or you can also take the full list and remove all projects with more than 10,000 articles.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Guillaume Paumier
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