Silke Meyer (2013-08-11 08:36):
Hi, DrTrigon, hi all!

Here are the essentials:

* Please migrate your tools to Tool Labs until June 30th 2014. (Roadmap:

Two questions:
  1. What will happen after June 2014? Specifically - what will happen to any tools and repositories (SVN) that will still be on TS after that date? Will TS cease to exist, will it be inaccessible, just databases will be inaccessible or stale or what?
  2. When will users from TS be able to fully use GIT? I'm asking because this page gives some information on migration process, but also mentions that Push access is not available. Which is kind of strange because, as I understand, I would be creating my own repository. I'm actually hoping this page just wasn't updated ;-).