I would be very interested in this project. Can't you automate this process?

I am also very curious of the reaction from Google's side. Will you be making a page explaining what you have done (after you've done it) with contact information to facilitate a discussion on this topic?


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On Feb 4, 2011, at 8:15 , Beao at Toolserver.org wrote:

Hello everybody! I've been working on a bash script to rip the high quality images from the Google Art Project.

From what I understand, all depictions of the original works go under PD-Art, even though Google claims otherwise in their FAQ. What I'm wondering is whether anyone is interested in helping me rip all these images. There are a lot of images to rip, and each rip takes at least an hour. All you need is a GNU/Linux OS and some basic knowledge on using the terminal.

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