2010/11/7 Frédéric Schütz <schutz@mathgen.ch>
On 07.11.2010 09:47, emijrp wrote:

> Who are downloading the Domas visits logs in /mnt/user-store/stats? The

I am !

> script is not downloading the projectcounts-* files, and the are
> necesary too.

Indeed, they are not being downloaded -- this is not done on purpose,
but in any case, I have never used them and noone has ever asked about
them. What do they contain exactly ?

The pageviews per hour and project. Please, add it to the script for downloading from now.
> Can anyone give me a copy of the projectcounts-200911* of
> November 2009? Their combined size must be < 15MB. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I don't have them, and all other people I have talked to
don't have them either...

WHAT!? I hope someone has them. Please, I need them to close the November 2009 archive in IA.

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