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Hi DrTrigon,

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Hello DaB!

Could you please give me a short update - the end of 2013 is
approaching, what is the current state for TS resp. Labs?
If you don't care about losing your (nfs) file system every once in a while and having very slow databases, you can probably start moving stuff to toollabs.
I'm waiting for these bugs to be fixed. It's been more than 3 months now and no clear estimate when it will be fixed.

I don't think that's a fair representation. Despite some teething problems, Labs has been at least (probably more) reliable than the toolserver in the time I've been there. I have ported 25 tools to Labs now, including some heavy-duty ones, and they all seem to work fine.

Yes, there is the occasional bug (imagelinks table on cawiki is not working at the moment; roots are en route from Wikimania;-) but I don't see the traditional toolserver slowness, and Labs doesn't occasionally vanish behind 504 errors for hours at a time either.