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For non-libre projects I would like to come back to what Ryan wrote:
> Or people are free to move them to infrastructure that isn't funded by the donations to a movement that has Open Content as one of the five pillars <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_free_content>. The tools and bots that keep this content alive and free are in my opinion an extension of that pillar.
> I'm more than happy to recommend a number of cloud services and am more than willing to give advice on how to configure and run tools and bots from those services. It's even possible to reuse the work we're doing in the tools project, or in the Wikimedia infrastructure via our puppet repository since our infrastructure is Open Source.

Ryan, Luis, could you write a bit more about whether it would be ok
(technically and legally) to run database queries in Tool Labs and send
them to an external server where a proprietary tool runs? Is that a no
go? An exception? Is it totally fine?

No concerns from legal side - the same privacy protections that are already in place should be enough to handle this use case.

[We of course have to monitor and make sure we're doing the right things, privacy-wise, but that was already the case anyway.]


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