For the record, I very much prefer good ol' Unreal Tournament.

Due to limited resources however, we should set up some sort of daily schedule. I propose:
00:00 - 07:55 - CounterStrike
07:55 - 15:50 - Unreal Tournament
15:50 - 23:45 - Quake II
23:45 - 00:00 - WikiMedia stuff

If there are fans of other games, we may rearrange the schedule (the last point may surely be cut in half, at least).


2007/4/1, Artur FijaƂkowski <>:
I have read, that toolserver now offers running dedicated server for Counter Strike.

I would like to ask about running Quake II dedicated server too, cause there is lot of fans of this game on and they would like to organize official 'Polish Wikipedia Quake II Tournament' next weekend.

Best Regards

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